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Digital System for Educational Institutions

Digital System for Educational Institutions

Our customer-centric solution to a school management system, allows schools to practically develop a system fully responsive to the student academic requirements, wellbeing, administrative & financial management and data storage. Our system features an Admin and Student Portal. Both the Admin Portal and the LMS Students Portal can be accessed using an internet browser in a PC, Laptop or Mobile Phones. The Portal automatically adjust depending on the device that is used. The salient features are:


Course Management System

Each course will have modules (Subjects) and under each module will have sub-modules or Topics where students can access Documents, Videos, Web Links (URL) and Exams. Each course can be manage by an Admin or Teachers who will then create the class for each Course.

Students Enrollment and Management System

Allows enrollees to view course by categories, access requirements, schedules and other details and enroll digitally.


Integrated/Computerized School Management and Administration System

Automated and computerized tools and applications for the digital management and administration of the various departments of the institutions.

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