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Fully Integrated Digital Banking Solutions

Fully Integrated Digital Banking Solutions

The innovative potentials of our digital products for the banking sector is reflected by the range of technologies that it incorporates. We combine the strong principles of best practices in traditional banking practices with the state of the art tools in the digital world. Our customizable banking solutions include:

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Digital Core Banking System (Full Scale)

Because every bank is different, we do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach in our software and solutions. Rather, an in-depth analysis of current infrastructure, market dynamics, customer needs, and organizational capabilities are considered. Our approach involves working through a set of key decision points that lead to an informed decision. Responses to these decision points is seen to help bank understand which option will be best for it to improve the market outreach, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and profitability of its core banking operations. Our Core Banking system streamlined, and integrated the various operations of the bank:

Uses the Cloud-based technology and enables branchless banking
Faster access to core system data to support digitization
Flexibility and faster time to market for product and pricing
A low-cost way to scale and operate core systems
Enables agile and remote ways of working
Capable of new capabilities such as real-time payments and open banking

Computerized Loans Management System for Microfinance, SME Banks and Rural Bank Operations.

These small, low-capitalized non-bank financial institutions are gaining recognition as an emerging group within the financial sector. Their operations have become important mechanism for financial inclusion, contributing to improve the economic activities, promotes economic and social integration of non-traditional markets. However, most of these banks have slow growth, hampered by inefficient, and labor-intensive practices. Our Computerized Loans Management System is designed by a very well experienced micro-credit specialist based on international best practices, with the following state-of-the-art components:

Online and Mobile Loan Application Module.
Computerized KYC/CIF Processing
Electronic 4-Scale Credit Risk Evaluation Software
On-line/In-line Loans Approval Processing and Servicing System
Online and Mobile Loans Collection System
Digital Portfolio Management and Information System
Integration with Preferred Finance and Accounting Systems
On Premises/Cloud Server Management linked with Multiple Branches
Technical Support and Maintenance of the Systems
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